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Avoid Some SEO Mistakes For High Ranking

When it all comes down to it, SEO isn't really that difficult. In fact, it ultimately all boils down to one thing: great content. If you intentionally write great content, paying attention to details and the words you use, you're not going to have a problem doing SEO. But here are 8 mistakes you may be making, aside from publishing poor content, that will hurt your business.

1. Don't Use Common Keywords.

It's unbelievably difficult to get high search engine rankings if you're optimizing for the same keywords everyone else is optimizing for. If nothing else, common keywords are typically already dominated by and, so find less common words to use.

2. Using Your Company Name in Every Title Tag.

Your title tag is your primary on-site optimization element, so take advantage of it by using keyword phrases for which you hope to rank on search engines.

3. Don't Use Images for Headings.

Remember that search engines don't read images, they read text. Sure, your heading looks prettier when your web designer uses images, but search engines won't see them. And headings are a great way to optimize on site. Instead of using images to create the font you want for your heading, use a font that works on the web that still provides the "look" you're going for.

4. Don't Use Dynamic URLs.

Always make sure that your URLS are legible by people, because search engines read text like humans read text. So avoid URLs that use strings of random letters and numbers. If you currently use a content management system that uses strings of numbers and letters in the URL, get another one that gives you control over your URLs. But make sure you're using keywords in your URLs as search engines rank your website based on how relevant the URL is to the content on your site.

5. Don't Use Image Buttons.

Chances are that you aren't, but if you are, start using text for your links rather than images.

6. Making SEO an Afterthought.

If you seriously consider your SEO before you design your website, your SEO will guide design, content, navigation, and all other aspects of your website. Not only that, but if you use a web designer who isn't also well-verse in SEO, you'll find yourself forking out big bucks later on to have that designer make changes to your site every time you want to publish new content optimized around your keywords. This doesn't mean that your whole business has to be centered on a few keywords, but if you you're losing out on potential customers if you don't make SEO part of your website planning from the very beginning.

7. Deciding That You're Finished.

One of the most common misconceptions about SEO is that there's some sort of stopping point. Too many business owners are quick to say that they're "done" with SEO. In fact, SEO is an ongoing process. There are always new keywords to rank for. There are always ways to improve your rankings for the keywords you're already using.

8. Don't Use Flash.

Search engines don't see Flash. There's no way to rank in search engines if you're website is built with Flash. You might as well not bother using a website at all.

Remember that SEO is an all-encompassing process. It should guide the way you design your website, and it should guide the content you publish on your website. You should continue doing SEO for as along as your company exists. Otherwise, you will fall behind in search engine rankings and watch potential customers do business with your competitors. Don't think of it as a simply one part of your internet marketing plan; think of it as the foundation of your internet marketing plan. And if all else fails, hire an SEO professional to help you out. Just make sure he doesn't recommend that you use Flash!

How To Navigate Your Website For SEO

Are you setting up a website and want to make sure it is search engine friendly. One of the major things you need to consider is the navigation on your website. If it is done wrong then you could come across a lot of problems. The aim of this article is to give you some advice and tips on the best way to set up your navigation.

There are a few things you should have on your website navigation to ensure it is set up right for the search engines. Below is our advice on the way to do it properly:

1. Use Text Links

It is important to know that search engines can only read text and so it is important that your links are text so that the search engines can follow them. A lot of web designers want to create menus in flash to have extra effects. This is great for the way it looks but will not help your SEO efforts. We would recommend using text links in your menu to ensure your whole website can be indexed.

If you do want to have an interesting menu then we would recommend adding a footer that contains your main links and then adding links in the text of your site so that search engines can navigate your website. If a search engine can’t find your pages then they can’t appear in the results.

2. Use Keywords

When you are setting up your menu it is important to use your keywords in the links. It is not only the links to your website that count but also the links on it. For that reason you should aim to have your keywords in the links to your pages within your site. This will help to reinforce to the search engines what these pages are about which will be invaluable to your SEO campaign.

3. Include a Sitemap

If you have a large website that has lots of deep pages it might be difficult for the search engines to find all of them. If this is the case then it is a good idea to set up a site map for your website. There should be a link from your home page to your sitemap. As your sitemap will include a link to all the other pages on your website it will be very easy for the search engines to navigate your website. The more pages you can get indexed by the search engines the better.

4. Include Links in your content

When you are writing your content it is a good idea to include links to other pages within your website. This gives a few advantages, firstly it adds colour for your users as they can easily more through your information. In addition it allows you to include your keywords in the link text which will help with your SEO efforts. The more useful links you can add to your website’s content the better.

When setting up your website it is important to consider how useful the search engines will think it is. By having a quality linking system it will help to show the search engines that you are a valuable website which can only help your rankings. In addition it will also help people once on your website to find what they are looking for.

Some Top SEO Strategies For High Ranking

With the internet expanding every day it is becoming harder and harder to get top search engine rankings. For that reason you may need to implement different tactics in order to get your website found. This article will give you some basic tips of things you can try.

As the search engines get more and more advanced they are returning more and more detailed results. This means that for every term you put in you will find the results you get pages that are exactly on that topic. This is going to happen more and more over time. The thing you need to consider is how to tap into this.

One Topic per Page

There was a time where you could optimise one web page for several topics and this would work really well. However now you need to think more about having one page for every topic. For example if you are a company that sells a particular product and that product has different attributes such as strength, durability and quality. You might want to have a different page for each of these attributes. You can then optimise each page for the search engines and for different search terms.

As time goes on this will become more and more important as the search engines look for pages that exactly match the search terms. So if someone is searching for information about the strength of your product you page that is specifically about the strength will be displayed.

Use niche terms

By this we mean you should be looking to use longer more detailed keywords. Google is going the way that big brands are dominating the competitive keywords and it will get harder and harder to break into these. For this reason you should be looking for the terms that the big brands may not be concentrating on. Again this is easier if you use one page per topic.

For example if you are marketing a holiday home you might not want to concentrate on the term holiday home but instead you could look to go for a term like - holiday home in central France. This is more specific and will mean that your traffic is more targeted.

Get Feedback

It is a really good idea to ask your visitors for feedback on your content. You will probably find that people will add some extra bits to what you have written. As you get this feedback you can adapt your content to make sure you are giving your visitors exactly what they want to hear.

Check your competitors

Spend time looking at what your competitors are doing. Are they writing things that you see as interesting? Don’t copy them as this is never professional. However you might be able to pick some ideas for ways to take you website that you had not thought of.


Unless you have an endless marketing budget you need to target your campaign effectively and to the people that really want to use you. It is also important to remember that you should not be afraid to change your tactics. The art of any good marketing campaign is the ability to adapt and to change with the market. A campaign that targets the right people with the right information will prove to be very effective and help you to grow your business.

Most Important Techniques For Back Linking In SEO

If you have an SEO campaign running then you will always be looking at ways to get links to your website. There are so many different ways it can be hard to take it all in. This article will look at getting links in your particular niche and give you some advice about how to obtain them.

One of the best ways to get links in your niche is to look for link exchanges with similar sites. This is not necessarily the best way to get links as they are counted as less important than one way links. However that is not to say they have no value at all it is just that their value is less. Where they do have value is in the anchor text that is used to link to your site as this will still be read and taken into account. So they can be useful alongside a good one way linking campaign.

In order to get links you first need to identify places where you can get links from. This can be the hardest and most time consuming part of the process. For that reason we have put together a list of places you can look to find sites that might want to exchange links with you:

1. Search Engines - It is quite clear that this is a good place to start. All you need to do is search for your keywords and look at the quality sites that come up in the results. This should help you initially to build a good list of sites to start with.

2. Related Search Operator - Again using the search engines but this time search for related: followed by your domain name. This will then give you a list of sites that Google thinks is related to your site. You should make sure the sites you select are high quality but this should give you a good place to look.

3. Use Social Media Tags - A good site to use is Similicious. Using this you should be able to find sites that are bookmarked using the same tags as your website.

4. The sites your Users Visit - For this you will need to use Google trends to find the sites that your visitors go to. All you need to do is enter your website address and it will give you a list of sites that your users have visited. This might take some sorting through as a lot of them will not be related to you but you might be able to find some good ones.

5. Use Traffic Monitoring Sites - The best one to use here is Alexa. If you use their related sites section you will be able to find a list of sites that are related to yours as well as their traffic rank which will help you to determine their quality.

Once you have selected some sites that you would like to exchange links with you will need to contact them. The best thing to do is to write a personal email to each webmaster, this will give you a greater chance of success compared to a standard email.

The process of link exchanging can be time consuming and on its own will not get you to the top of the search engines but can be a valuable part of your SEO campaign.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Most Important Factors

In SEO process developing Meta tags is one of the most important and difficult task. Based on the ongoing analysis and keywords our SEO’s shall form an optimal class of Meta tags combining title, considered to be the most important tag as per Search engine optimization is a technique and it is incredibly important for natural and organic search results. This technique will optimize your website in a way that it is easier for the search engines to show it in their search results. SEO is very important in order to make your website in reach of potential visitors / customers.

Cignus Web Services ensures that your website gains highest possible rank within Google, yahoo, MSN live search and other leading search engines. We use it as a major tool for marketing your website. We are just bound to make you profitable with search engine optimization tool.

SEO makes sure that the search engines do not overlook your web site. In addition to on page search engine optimization you should also be doing extensive linking and off page optimization techniques.

We will increase your online traffic and sales

We will discuss your specific requirements with you and then recommend a search engine optimization plan (SEO) that will suit your budget. Cignusweb, we are flexible in our approach to providing Search Engine Optimization solution

Some of the stages in the SEO process are outlined as follows:

Categorize defining key words

This assigns your team as well as our team to come up with best possible out-come founded key phases for deriving best results throughout this program. Your industry would be reached and a creating session will be under taken to arrive at a best set of keywords/ key phrases pertaining to you business awareness.

Meta Tags

As search engine ranking is concerned, description and key word. With this process Cignusweb develops Meta tags for each web page for client’s site. It concentrates on each product or service that is described on the page, thus covering a wide range of keywords.

Competition Analysis

Competition analysis is a procedure of making an absolute research on your competitors. This competition analysis will help in set up a strategy to attain top position in search engine and maximize its presentation and gain business.

Content Analysis

In this step we review content of your website. We promise that content that we will change should be search engine friendly and always should have its innovative meaning.


In the web page HTML Code cleansing is a process and is used for analyze and review the code and fix all errors at the same time. We will manually change all codes that are automatically formed at the time of design and are useless.

Image Optimization

On page optimization is most important step in Image. Search engine specialists of our company will optimize all images on your site to decrease its site retaining its quality and resolution so that page can load quickly and images could be optimized according to search engines.

How To Optimize Your Website With SEO

You need to optimize your website if you want organic traffic through search engines.Appearing on the first page of search results is the single most important factor which led to the rise of search engine optimization.This article will explain you to optimize your website without hiring any SEO whatsoever.

Optimize title tag of your website:

Using keywords in the title tag of your website increase your chances to appear on the first few pages of search pages.Though this is not the only way to get a top ranking but still it is a very important factor to be considered when you optimize your webpage for search engine.

Optimize your website meta tags:

Use keywords in Meta Tags.There are basically two meta tags which you need to optimize. First one is description meta tag and other is keyword meta tag.Description meta tag generally contain description of your website while keywords meta tag contain the keywords you want to be searched for.Though some search engines this days tend to ignore the keyword meta tag but still it is advised to optimize your site using both meta tags.
Optimize your website body:

This generally includes using keywords in the content of the website.But don't over stuff your website with keywords.Use proper HTML tags where required and don't commit any spelling errors.Be clear and specific.Use quotations with keywords in it.Capitalization of keywords in body is another important way to optimize your website.You can also use bold tags and heading tags (wherever required) for the purpose.If your web page has any linked text on it make sure that keywords are present in and around the hyperlinked text.This is another important factor on which search engines puts emphasis.

Off site ways to optimize your site:

There are some offsite optimization techniques some of which are very crucial for website ranking in search such technique is link building.Number of other websites which are linking to your website is a powerful technique which can improve your ranking in search engine by leaps and bounds.I know some websites which have only a few words of text on it and still rank very high for some competitive keywords.This is because they have numerous sites linking to them.Most of them are child websites and blogs owned by the same person so it is not difficult for such sites to get incoming links.You can get some links for your website from various link exchange directories.

Don't do's of website optimization:

Webmasters perform some major mistakes while designing their website which affect their rankings significantly.Some common mistakes done are,use of flash on websites,excessive use of javascript,use of frames,broken links,use of some black hat SEO Techniques like cloaking,redirecting pages,hidden text,doorway pages.Webmasters need to be careful so as not to commit this errors while optimizing their site.

This are some of the basic techniques to optimize your website.If followed correctly with some patience these tips are bound to produce results.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Design A SEO Friendly Website For High Ranking

Below are 10 SEO friendly website designing tips where web designers should pay attention to during the early stage of their web designing process.

1. Avoid creating menu on the left-hand side of a website. If unavoidable, an alternative way is to put some text with rich keywords at the top or above the left-hand menu so that this text will be the first thing to be read by search engines.

2. Headlines are rated more important than the rest of the web page by search engines. To take advantage of this, you should have your keywords in the page headline. For more details Since the header tag (h1) is quite large, you should format it to make it smaller.

3. Every page should contain the title and description tags with good keywords to describe the page content. The number of words for the title should not exceed 9 and that for the description should not be more than 20 words in order to keep within the limits of most search engines.

4. Try not to use Flash when possible. Flash cannot be read by the search engines to date and will cause slow page loading time and make people run away . If you really have a reason to use flash, try to make it smaller (e.g. as a flash header) and leave other area of your website for keyword-rich content.

5. Think twice on how to use graphics. Make them relevant to your content and use an alt tag with relevant keywords for search engines to read as they cannot read graphics and also for your visitors so that they can have something to read when waiting for the graphics to load.

6. Do not only use images to link out. You should always use text links to link out to important content on your web site. Spiders can follow image links, but like text links more though.

7. Avoid using frames. Some search engines cannot spider web pages with frames at all. For the other search engines that can, they can have problems speeding it and sometimes they too cannot index the web page.

8. Avoid using too complex tables when laying out your page but to keep them simple for the spider’s. For more details There are some engines which find it difficult to navigate through to the other pages on your website if the navigation bar is too complicated.

9. Use external Cascading Style Sheets and Java Script files to reduce page size and make the download time much faster. It will allow the spider to index your web page faster and can help your ranking.

10. Use standard HTML. Software such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver or a WYSIWYG editor will often add unnecessary scripting codes that will make the page larger than is needed and make it harder to crawl. It will sometimes add codes that cannot be read by search engines, causing the spider not to index the page or even the whole website. If to use, you should use those web page creator software wisely with a good understanding of html so that you may manually avoid or even delete those unnecessary scripting codes.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SEO Services

In today’s internet age where people buy and sell properties online, do shopping, and many more, advertising through banners or by flash presentations doesn’t promote your business effectively. To make your business grooming promotion plays a very important role. SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) is a way to get more business by promoting your coming on internet effectively.

A good understanding of the business and strategies is needed to promote your business on internet. Good marketing policies are to target customer. SEO provided you a better way to make your business grooming. Who doesn’t want be to top search engine sites? When you are on top list then only customer will come to know about you and services provided by your company. Articles, bloggs on internet also helps you to promote your business on internet. Many sites facilities you by giving opportunity by submitting quality content to them.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one method of internet marketing to increase visitors to your site. More visitors mean more business. As internet is a fast mean to boom your business your company recognition becomes a very important. Good marketing strategies not only enhance your business but also increase your company name in market for services and product. Internet marketing expertise coupled with SEO techniques can result in obtaining the highest return on investment.

By the help of SEO services, it is easy to advertise at a low or affordable cost to grasp large number of clients and customers.

If you have an already existing website that fails to attract the target visitors, Search engine Optimization Company will first makes a good content for the websites. SEO Company analyses the topics presented on the web and the keywords on the websites. They completely rewrite it or edit the web copy. Effective use of SEO tools could bring a lot of business to your company.

Hiring a good SEO company is also very important key as you want a large number of visitors to your site in order to increase your sale. There are some points before choosing any SEO company or its service. Many companies won’t tell you that, they have software that does a lot of analysis by which makes SEO job get easy. Next point comes that would you be able to find a affordable SEO and also a trust worthy??

So before going to for any SEO services just make it sure that the one you are going for is one who will come ups with expectations.

Needs SEO Services To Generate More Traffic On Internet

A question that often asked of SEO experts is what is the best SEO strategy or the best SEO tactic, or the best SEO tip - the fact is though there is not best trick or tactic, but there IS. In my opinion the best SEO strategy is a holistic white hat SEO strategy. Here are some strategic SEO tips to help your website get ranked in search engines:


The most essential fact in on-page SEO tips is the titles because it should have target key phrases and should posses appropriate content on the page. Make sure on this as you have massive competition out there.


Don’t use long complicated URLs with irrelevant characters. Rather, you should use search engine and user friendly URLs. Moreover to this, website URL is the most essential elements that can be custom-made. You should know something about search engines like how they give rewards. Consider having, short, fixed and clean URLs that contains essential keywords and is user-friendly.

Press Releases

Press release is another important tool in promoting your website. There are four things you need to do if you want to execute a successful SEO.

1) Optimize all your press releases by giving back links into your press releases as they are the one that lead back to your website.

2) Get exposure in online publications. The links that you give must be right and will lead back to your company.

3) Use hyper linked text with keywords related to your business as the link, not just URL. The search engines will key off of these keyphrases for added hints about the content of your website.

4) Include links via services such as PR web which can help you get hundreds of targeted links overnight.

Social Media

Social media is a perfect way to promote your blog articles or other content and make Internet users get interested towards your thoughts. Create account online various online communities, blogs, groups, and networks where your audience hangs out and start asking and answering around.


Your content should be useful and should not be overlooked. Use forceful language in your title, including the information to make relevant and quality content.

These essential factors listed above helps you to gain popularity in search engine results and generate traffic.