Saturday, December 18, 2010

How SEO and SEM relate to each other?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a broad specialization with search engine optimization (SEO) as its subset. By all means, SEM is anything you use search engine technology for to promote your website, increase its traffic and its stickiness, and profits (in case of an e-business). So, while SEO is what you do with your website as a resource which generates results in the due course, SEM has certain marketing aspects which could be considered outside of the SEO realm. These include several ways of online advertising which bring a competitive advantage in short term such as contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads, rich media ads, social network advertising, interstitial ads, online classified advertising, advertising networks, and e-mail marketing.

Advantages of SEM

Let's understand the Advantages of SEM from the two most common ways:

Paid Listings: Fast result orientation of SEM has given rise to many practices where paid services come into picture. Paid listings (also called paid placement or paid inclusion) is simply a way you get your website added to the database of a search engine or a directory instantly just because you have paid for it. While some search engines and directories leave you paid inclusion as the only way to get listed, others present it as an option. Itís useful if you donít want your site to be set up for the search engine spiders to rank on their own.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): These are the simple text-only ads we find on the first search engine result page. The advertiser has to bid for the price per single click made to his site through the adís link and pay to the search engine if approved. So what one gets in return to paying for the clicks is the much desired visibility and a complete control over a campaign which allows him to monitor traffic and measure response for making any further adjustments.

The expert and scam of SEM practices away from pure SEO

You definitely have the advantage of immediacy and a prompt increase in traffic and visibility. So, you may well want to follow these SEM practices if money is not a problem for you. This, however, is what you are doing to pull the visitors to your site and doesnít guarantee you any business. Maybe they are convinced, at least for a moment, that your site is worth making a visit, but the next big thing is whether your site delivers what they are seeking. If not, there is no fruit these visits can bore.

SEO A Must!

SEO has a clear purpose and that is of making the site better for both search engines and visitors. In fact, many times it suffices on its own as it keeps search engines happy and you donít feel a need to implement any paid advertising or marketing strategies. SEO Services comes first with the site when it is written, structured, and coded so that your site gets ready to best treat the visitors. Therefore, you canít dispense with SEO as a part of your SEM campaign. Even if you have the readiness to spend extra money for your SEM initiatives, SEO has to be your first step at the promotion of your site.