Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How To Optimize Your Website With SEO

You need to optimize your website if you want organic traffic through search engines.Appearing on the first page of search results is the single most important factor which led to the rise of search engine optimization.This article will explain you to optimize your website without hiring any SEO whatsoever.

Optimize title tag of your website:

Using keywords in the title tag of your website increase your chances to appear on the first few pages of search pages.Though this is not the only way to get a top ranking but still it is a very important factor to be considered when you optimize your webpage for search engine.

Optimize your website meta tags:

Use keywords in Meta Tags.There are basically two meta tags which you need to optimize. First one is description meta tag and other is keyword meta tag.Description meta tag generally contain description of your website while keywords meta tag contain the keywords you want to be searched for.Though some search engines this days tend to ignore the keyword meta tag but still it is advised to optimize your site using both meta tags.
Optimize your website body:

This generally includes using keywords in the content of the website.But don't over stuff your website with keywords.Use proper HTML tags where required and don't commit any spelling errors.Be clear and specific.Use quotations with keywords in it.Capitalization of keywords in body is another important way to optimize your website.You can also use bold tags and heading tags (wherever required) for the purpose.If your web page has any linked text on it make sure that keywords are present in and around the hyperlinked text.This is another important factor on which search engines puts emphasis.

Off site ways to optimize your site:

There are some offsite optimization techniques some of which are very crucial for website ranking in search engine.one such technique is link building.Number of other websites which are linking to your website is a powerful technique which can improve your ranking in search engine by leaps and bounds.I know some websites which have only a few words of text on it and still rank very high for some competitive keywords.This is because they have numerous sites linking to them.Most of them are child websites and blogs owned by the same person so it is not difficult for such sites to get incoming links.You can get some links for your website from various link exchange directories.

Don't do's of website optimization:

Webmasters perform some major mistakes while designing their website which affect their rankings significantly.Some common mistakes done are,use of flash on websites,excessive use of javascript,use of frames,broken links,use of some black hat SEO Techniques like cloaking,redirecting pages,hidden text,doorway pages.Webmasters need to be careful so as not to commit this errors while optimizing their site.

This are some of the basic techniques to optimize your website.If followed correctly with some patience these tips are bound to produce results.