Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some Top SEO Strategies For High Ranking

With the internet expanding every day it is becoming harder and harder to get top search engine rankings. For that reason you may need to implement different tactics in order to get your website found. This article will give you some basic tips of things you can try.

As the search engines get more and more advanced they are returning more and more detailed results. This means that for every term you put in you will find the results you get pages that are exactly on that topic. This is going to happen more and more over time. The thing you need to consider is how to tap into this.

One Topic per Page

There was a time where you could optimise one web page for several topics and this would work really well. However now you need to think more about having one page for every topic. For example if you are a company that sells a particular product and that product has different attributes such as strength, durability and quality. You might want to have a different page for each of these attributes. You can then optimise each page for the search engines and for different search terms.

As time goes on this will become more and more important as the search engines look for pages that exactly match the search terms. So if someone is searching for information about the strength of your product you page that is specifically about the strength will be displayed.

Use niche terms

By this we mean you should be looking to use longer more detailed keywords. Google is going the way that big brands are dominating the competitive keywords and it will get harder and harder to break into these. For this reason you should be looking for the terms that the big brands may not be concentrating on. Again this is easier if you use one page per topic.

For example if you are marketing a holiday home you might not want to concentrate on the term holiday home but instead you could look to go for a term like - holiday home in central France. This is more specific and will mean that your traffic is more targeted.

Get Feedback

It is a really good idea to ask your visitors for feedback on your content. You will probably find that people will add some extra bits to what you have written. As you get this feedback you can adapt your content to make sure you are giving your visitors exactly what they want to hear.

Check your competitors

Spend time looking at what your competitors are doing. Are they writing things that you see as interesting? Don’t copy them as this is never professional. However you might be able to pick some ideas for ways to take you website that you had not thought of.


Unless you have an endless marketing budget you need to target your campaign effectively and to the people that really want to use you. It is also important to remember that you should not be afraid to change your tactics. The art of any good marketing campaign is the ability to adapt and to change with the market. A campaign that targets the right people with the right information will prove to be very effective and help you to grow your business.