Saturday, April 18, 2009

Most Important Techniques For Back Linking In SEO

If you have an SEO campaign running then you will always be looking at ways to get links to your website. There are so many different ways it can be hard to take it all in. This article will look at getting links in your particular niche and give you some advice about how to obtain them.

One of the best ways to get links in your niche is to look for link exchanges with similar sites. This is not necessarily the best way to get links as they are counted as less important than one way links. However that is not to say they have no value at all it is just that their value is less. Where they do have value is in the anchor text that is used to link to your site as this will still be read and taken into account. So they can be useful alongside a good one way linking campaign.

In order to get links you first need to identify places where you can get links from. This can be the hardest and most time consuming part of the process. For that reason we have put together a list of places you can look to find sites that might want to exchange links with you:

1. Search Engines - It is quite clear that this is a good place to start. All you need to do is search for your keywords and look at the quality sites that come up in the results. This should help you initially to build a good list of sites to start with.

2. Related Search Operator - Again using the search engines but this time search for related: followed by your domain name. This will then give you a list of sites that Google thinks is related to your site. You should make sure the sites you select are high quality but this should give you a good place to look.

3. Use Social Media Tags - A good site to use is Similicious. Using this you should be able to find sites that are bookmarked using the same tags as your website.

4. The sites your Users Visit - For this you will need to use Google trends to find the sites that your visitors go to. All you need to do is enter your website address and it will give you a list of sites that your users have visited. This might take some sorting through as a lot of them will not be related to you but you might be able to find some good ones.

5. Use Traffic Monitoring Sites - The best one to use here is Alexa. If you use their related sites section you will be able to find a list of sites that are related to yours as well as their traffic rank which will help you to determine their quality.

Once you have selected some sites that you would like to exchange links with you will need to contact them. The best thing to do is to write a personal email to each webmaster, this will give you a greater chance of success compared to a standard email.

The process of link exchanging can be time consuming and on its own will not get you to the top of the search engines but can be a valuable part of your SEO campaign.