Saturday, March 21, 2009

Basic Tips For Promoting Web Sites With SEO

Every online business needs a plan, system, or guide for website promotional ideas and methods, a model for how to advertise to attract and build a community of raving fans who value your help and expertise, and who are proud to be your long-term, loyal customers.

  1. Write articles where you reveal strategies, tactics, tips and tools that will help your target market achieve success in their niche. If your focus is on how a newbie can win the national Chili Cook-off, then you'll get attention by revealing what you've learned over years of fixing chili. And you'll attract your target audience by going into detail on the recipe research you've done, the unique natural spices you use, the frustrating mistakes, and the discoveries you've made about the tricks and techniques of other top chili cooks.
  2. Really leverage that chili research you've done. As you read the stories of consistent top chili cooks, write down words that the search engines might associate with chili cooking or chili contests. Words like judge, jalapeno, beef, first place ... and many more ... fall under the keyword category called "latent semantic indexing." The more of these relevant trigger words the search engines see in your popular articles on chili cooking, the more they conclude that you are a real expert, deserving of high rank in that search category.
  3. Search engines also highly value a site with quality inbound links. One way to get these links is to offer a free "Chili Ebook" download from your website. Compile some of your blog posts to make the ebook, and offer the download on appropriate forums and other social networking websites where your target audience gathers, all over the internet. This type of plan, done over and over, and get you that steady stream of inbound links that the search engines love.