Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SEO Techniques

When you take out a search engine optimisation campaign the thing you need to take into consideration is the SEO techniques that are going to be used for the optimisation of your website.
Many internet marketing companies use unethical SEO techniques with their search engine optimisation campaigns.You have to be careful that you choose a search engine optimisation company who uses ethical and successful SEO techniques in their work.


There are many unethical SEO techniques which SEO companies or an advertising company may use in their work which do not deliver the results anticipated at the time you purchase a company website design search engine optimisation.You need to be careful that the company you choose does not advertise by using any unethical SEO techniques, as this can limit the potential of your internet advertising campaign.SEO techniques which are deemed unethical include meta-tag spamming, title spamming, hidden text, NOSCRIPT content spamming and doorway and gateway pages.These are the SEO techniques you should look to stay away from when proceeding with online media solutions.

Meta-tag Spamming

Meta-tag spam is one of the unethical SEO techniques some internet marketing companies use.
Meta-tags are html content search engine spiders use to quickly reference the content of your web page.What some companies do is spam the meta-tags "keyword" element with a long list of repeated search terms, they also then repeat this list in the "description" element of the meta-tags.This is unethical form of SEO techniques as the correct way to use meta-tags is to place relevant keywords and a description about the web page itself in the meta-tags.

Title Spamming

Title spamming is also amongst the list of SEO techniques deemed unethical by internet marketing companies.As with meta-tags some website design search engine optimisation companies place a long list of keywords in the title tags of the pages.The correct way to use the title tags is to place a descriptive brief in the title tag relevant to the web page itself.These have to be done properly because it is through title tags that search engine spiders identify your web pages and what they relate to.

Hidden Text

Another one of the unethical SEO techniques is hidden text when carrying out company website optimisation.Hidden text is when you try to place a long list of keywords on the page and style them with a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS Style) to be "invisible" or blended into the web page.
This technique is useless as search engine spiders recognise that you have tried to hide the content and can penalise your site for it.Our SEO Consultancy team recommend strongly that you stay away from using hidden text on the pages as it can seriously de-value the other SEO techniques which may have been employed on your company website for your search engine optimisation campaign.


NOSCRIPT, when abused, is another one of the undesirable and unethical SEO techniques which may be used in your SEO promotion campaign.The NOSCRIPT is content which is not visible on the web page when viewed in a browser, but is visible to the search engine spiders.When used correctly, NOSCRIPT can be beneficial to your company website.Our SEO Consultancy advise that if you do decide to use NOSCRIPT content that you do not spam the content with loads of keywords continuously repeated.

Doorway and Gateway Pages

The use of doorway or gateway pages are another form of undesirable SEO techniques for company website optimisation.There are pages that are created to redirect to your homepage once clicked on.This is done via a meta-tag redirect script.This is mainly done by companies selling sex toys and Viagra.They optimise doorway or gateway pages for high searched terms, for example "cheap computers", then once the pages are clicked on you are redirected to their website.Our website promotion consultants do not recommend this as they are completely useless and will not be beneficial to your website.

Unethical SEO Techniques

As you have read there are many unethical SEO techniques which online marketing companies use.You have to be completely sure that you have chosen the right search engine optimisation company who employ correct SEO techniques to use for your clever SEO advertising.

Weblinx SEO Techniques

At Weblinx we are an internet company that work in accordance with the Google Guidelines for correct website design.We stay away from using any unethical and undesirable SEO Techniques within our work. We are masters within internet marketing strategies and help you in your quest to be above your competitors when you advertise your business with our company website design search engine promotion techniques.