Friday, March 27, 2009

What Is The Importance of "C Class IP Address" In SEO?

When many of novice webmasters even do not know, what is IP address, a discussion among seasoned webmaster is going on about the role of C class IP addresses in search engine optimization. Almost all SEO gurus have their own opinions about ranking methodologies and Google is clever enough to reveal its myths. However most of these search engine specialists agree on one point and that is “getting quality backlinks to improve your rankings” and the whole story starts in next section where they have to define the “good backlinks” and “bad links”.

Interlinking of sites is the worst ever thing which a webmaster can do to get all of his sites penalized by search engines. Now normal question is “how search engines like Google detect interlinking of my own sites” and the answer reveals the things very clearly. Its your IP address that gives search engines information about the autonomy of sites. If its so serious then how to avoid interlinking with same sites on shared web hosting as all sites on a shared server have same C class IP. In this case analyzing pattern of search engines depend a lot but obvious theory by SEO specialists is to avoid interlinking with sites on same server.

If you have checked your IP address, it looks in the format of (111.222.333.444). In this example IP address block No.3 is known as C block. Web Hosting companies get different C class IPs from there vendors or say hardware providers so chances are very obvious of getting different C class IP addresses if you host your websites with different web hosting providers. But in some cases web hosting companies may get services from same reseller so your chances of getting same C class IP address for both sites becomes rare. To avoid this situation, make a check with your existing IP address and the new service providers address and make sure you are hosting your sites on different C class IP addresses.

To make this long story bit shorter here is an example of same C class IP address for two different webmasters




Now an example of different C class IP addresses.

Finally, Google is very good in detecting such relationships and detecting your inter-links as bad ones but remember this is not the fix for any or every thing in your linking pattern. Many websites are ranking very high even with same C class IP addresses so do not worry if you do not have unique C class IP. To gain good rankings follow basic SEO techniques and at the same time focus on such minor issues to ensure even better results.