Saturday, March 21, 2009

Important Techniques of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is crucial for website to be ranked well in many search engines. Once your website is ranked well in the search engine, it will directly increase your website traffic naturally and vice-versa. Hence, in order to sustain and achieve successful business in internet, it is undoubtedly essential to have SEO for your website and a successful website acts as a free advertisement for your company.Here are the useful tactics for you to do SEO:

Internal SEO Techniques.

  1. SEO is done not only when your website is fully developed, in fact, you need to do your SEO while your website is being developed. Hence, using CSS Coding is essential to produce a search engine friendly website. As compared to traditional HTML coding, CSS coding greatly reduces coding size and thus increase loading speed. Moreover, CSS will cache on user's web browser and it can subsequently reduce the need to contact with the server for the layout and images.
  2. Incorporating targeted keywords in your website. This is essential because the relevant keywords that match your products or services are what readers always use for searching. Hence, you need to be specific while choosing keywords and it is better if you set them as bold or italic to attract attention from search engine. Remember not to include just a keyword because it is not enough for your website to be tracked by search engines and try to include keyword in your domain name, it will add advantage for your website. It is vital to include search engine META tags to your website, especially, META keywords and META description. This insertion helps search engines to understand the important words of your content.
  3. Website content does matter. What had been mentioned above will not be effective if your content is not relevant. You need to provide relevant content that matches your title so that reader will find it informative and resourceful. For example, a website will not be well ranked if its title and META title is about animal but the content is about plant.
  4. Reduce the flash animation and AJAX animation and even some silver light animation. This is because major search engine only love text content even Google claims that it can crawl flash but there is no 100% guarantee and it does not mean other search engines are able to crawl flash.

External SEO Technique.

Increase the back link with other website will convince search engines that your website is informative and resourceful. To increase your back link, you need to add a hyperlink from other websites to your website. There are many places for you to include the link, for example, reply a forum, gives comment in the blog, add your website to directories and submission of articles but do not forget to include the link of your website URL and only submit to related category and subject. Otherwise, you may be penalized into search engines' sand box.